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TiEcon Rajasthan - 2009
Panel II - Business Spaces & Expectations For The Next Decade

Program Details
Date : 17 - December - 2009
Venue : B.M. Birla Auditorium and Convention Centre, Statue Circle, Jaipiur
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09:30 AM

TiE - Networking Rajasthan with the World
10:30 AM Panel I - Catalyzing Innovative Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease
12:30 PM Networking Lunch
01:30 PM Panel II - on Business Spaces & Expectations For The Next Decade


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Post Lunch, the eminent panelists discussed “Business Spaces & Expectations for the Next Decade”. The key note speaker Prof. Jagdish Sheth spoke about the New business opportunities in India. He emphasized that in 21 st century (globally) there is a focus on emerging nations and competitive markets. There has been driving shift due to aging, collapse of communism, affordable innovation and economic pragmatism. New opportunities lie in transforming unorganized sectors, outsourcing, value added R&D, infrastructure &supply chain logistics etc.

Next on the panel was Mr. Sunil Arora, IAS, Principal Secretary Industries & Chairman RIICO, mentioned how Rajasthan is emerging as a business hub and spoke about the immense unexplored opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs, the reasons behind the same being strategic location, peaceful climate, tourism opportunities, connectivity, Industrial Infrastructure etc.

The discussion was carried forward by Mr. Prashant Gulati, MD & CEO, Optimistic Ventures who in true sense is son of the soil. He believed that there is an inevitable need of creation of innovation which needs to capitalize on our inherent strength i.e. Tourism. This will eventually lead to generation of opportunities and employment at the bottom of the pyramid.

Mr. Saurabh Srivastav being a Chairman and Venture Advisor spoke about how the environment is becoming more conducive for the budding entrepreneurs with easing out of rules and regulations. The increase in the disposal income has lead to creation of demand of world class products and services thus generating need of venture capitalists.

Mr. Al Kapoor, President, Millennium Ventures, threw light on 4 th Revolution and mentioned that due to climatic change, there is a need for tapping the alternative energy source. India needs to catch up really fast on the innovations and cannot ignore crucial sectors like health and education which play a vital role for youth.

Mr. Ivan Schouker, Chief Executive, Hinduja Bank, portrayed the transformational shift of banks from private banking to Merchant banking. He emphasized on going back to basics, focusing on relationship management and valuing risk management.

Mr. Jai Saboo, CEO, Saboo Business group, exposed the business opportunities in luxury Retail in India. Luxury retail refers to that in watches, Jewelry and other high end products. He said “I believe India has embarked on golden decade of manufacturing industries which will lead it to become one of the pioneering of industries growth”. Rajasthan has strong logistic support which is the key to success.

Then next came Dr. Sid Gautam, Professor & Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, he gave few wisdoms that inspired the entrepreneurs. He stated that we all are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have moved from the “Age of information to the age of inspiration”. He correlated modern business fundamentals with those in our very own Upnishads & Vedas. He concluded on that we should all have one Dharma i.e. Do something good to someone.

The last panelist to speak was Mr. A.G. Karunakaran, President, CEO, GDA Technologies who focused on essentials of bootstrapping which states that we should not wait for big opportunities and rather start small and quick. We must avail guidance from various research universities. He concluded the Panel discussion by stating that an Entrepreneur must understand that our ambition should not convert into greed.


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