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TiEcon Rajasthan - 2009
Panel I - Networking Rajasthan with the World

Program Details
Date : 17 - December - 2009
Venue : B.M. Birla Auditorium and Convention Centre, Statue Circle, Jaipiur
09:00 AM Registration for TiEcon

09:30 AM

TiE - Networking Rajasthan with the World
10:30 AM Panel I - Catalyzing Innovative Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease
12:30 PM Networking Lunch
01:30 PM Panel II - on Business Spaces & Expectations For The Next Decade


TiE Global


Prof. of Marketing
Emory University


Senior Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals


Founder & Director
Center for Entrepreneurship


Duke Global Health Institute


Managing Director
Inventus Capital
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The first panel for the day saw eminent doctors from the globe discussing the entrepreneurial possibilities and the need for innovations in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are the cause of 32% deaths in India and this statistic is expected to be quadrupled by 2050.Thus, the need for innovation solutions to prevent and curb the rise of it.

India was unanimously acknowledged as the global capital of the cardiovascular diseases, and the average age of a person getting diagnosed for the same is 10 years younger than that in US mainly because the average intake of an Indian of saturated fats is 250 grams/day more than an US citizen, also our. The main causes for cardiovascular diseases are High stress and unhealthy life style, Diabetes , Smoking, Genetic tendencies and Dr.Trehan also pointed out our inherent cultural tendency to celebrate with sweets(saturated fats) on regular and frequent basis which leads to diseases like diabetes, a major cause of heart diseases.

The panellists identified the key areas which need can be developed and worked upon as entrepreneurial ventures like:

•  How to educate the citizens about the disease and its cures

•  Women

•  Diabetic patients

•  Reach out to a wider audience with pathological and medical facilities

•  Process Engineering - making cost effective treatment available to rural and poverty affected India

•  Affordable medicines and medical services

We have new age Technologies, High GDP growth rate, better Facilities etc yet at the same time are a host to a large poverty ridden population, this need to be catered.

Entrepreneurial ideas:

Dr. Rekhi suggested the need for alternative solutions that will make taking care of our self easy like the “ FIT BIT” a Cell phone application that monitors our calorie intake, exercise and any clinical pointer for future and cumulative reference. The next 10 years will see major pathological development that will lead to conversion of all clinical reports and details in digital form. He also pointed out a growing need for Lifestyle oriented business opportunities.

Dr.Trehan suggested the need of “ Technology that travels” mobile service of pathological units in districts along with doctors:-

•  Drug simplifier

•  Lifestyle oriented business opportunities

•  Technology that travels- mobile service of pathological units in districts along with doctors

•  Entrepreneurs should read and view the past logs and records of TIE conferences to analyses and alter and learn about their personal business opportunities

•  The next 10 years will see major pathological development that will lead to conversion of all clinical reports and details in digital form

•  Affordable research and development

•  Affordable medicines and medical services

This disease requires proactive approach rather than reactive approach i.e. a healthy life style and eating habits along with 45 minutes of exercise, 5 times a week are a necessity.

All the panellists recommended that people should be aware about the hereditary tendencies and should have periodic check ups.


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