Taqadam Startup Accelerator 2021 Showcase Powered By Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

Taqadam Startup Accelerator 2021 annual meet took place virtually this year. The event hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a grand success.

The event featured 126 Graduates, 445 Entrepreneurs who supported, 300+ created jobs, and much more and delivered phenomenal experiences to all the participants present at the event.

Entrepreneurs Supported
Showcase Attendees
Jobs Created

The virtual event was attended by 8500+ attendees making the virtual event bigger and better. Dreamcast is proud to customize a perfect platform by amalgamating the most brilliant immersive and engaging features for Taqadam virtual event. The event delivered breathtaking event experiences to attendees that one has ever experienced, leaving them wanting more!

Key highlights of the event powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform includes:

  • 01

    Beautifully crafted Intro Video delivering immersive experiences and engaging attendees right from start.

  • 02

    Fully customized virtual venue and halls as per event requirement to create holistic ambiance.

  • 03

    Brand New Auditorium with voting option and Cohort 2021 a special room for multipurpose use.

  • 04

    StartUps Exhibit with a new way to showcase exhibition stalls & two special sponsor booths.

The team of experts at Dreamcast closely worked with Taqadam to understand their requirements and offered a perfect platform with custom solutions to deliver breathtaking event experiences.
The virtual event hosted on Dreamcast was a massive hit with all the appreciation and accolades it acquired. Along with delivering seamless event experiences, the event brought many people around the globe together, leaving them wanting more out of the event!

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