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Virtual Expo – The New Way Of B2B Exhibition


Expos are very crucial for many people, especially for businesses. Not only does it help people in communicating, it also enables new companies to showcase their product to the world. Apart from this, the expo lets the consumers or industry researchers understand the trends and practices in the industry. 

I’m sure many of us have attended at least one expo in our life. And besides business, expos can be really fascinating to visit. They can also provide a unique perspective on the industry. Be it Telecomm, smartphone, electronics or auto or tech industry, every industry relies on some expos or trade shows.   

But last year, all the physical activities had to be restricted to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. And even now, many countries are still following lockdowns or social distancing and other careful measures. So, hosting an expo or any physical event is not possible. But the businesses and industries who rely on expos and other events are seriously affected. So what is the solution? Simple, use the right technology. 

As a result of lockdown, many events are going digital. We have seen virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual fairs and even a virtual expo. But what exactly is a virtual exhibition and expo?

Reasons To Choose Virtual Expo For A B2b Exhibition

A virtual expo is an event happening on a digital medium where all the exhibitors and attendees are connected virtually. It actually recreates a physical expo in an online environment. For this, an innovative virtual event platform is required that can provide a 3-D and interactive interface. Now that we know what a virtual expo is. Let’s understand why the virtual expo is becoming a popular way for hosting a B2B exhibition.

#1. Cost-Effective

By hosting an expo virtually, you can save a lot of money. Unlike a physical event, you don’t need to spend money on the venue, travelling and accommodation. It brings the production cost substantially low. And you can use this money for other crucial activities like marketing and so on. Also, you can host a world-class event at a fraction of the cost of the physical event.

#2. Greater Time Adjustability

To attend a virtual event, you don’t have to be at a specific physical location. What it means that you can access a virtual event anytime. Also, a virtual event cuts the time required for travelling to a particular venue. Apart from this, a host can increase the shelf life of the event by making available the on-demand video of the event. So that people can view the event even after it is over. 

#3. Get Ready For A Global Audience

Since a virtual event eliminates any geographical barriers, you can have an international audience in your event. It means you have an opportunity to host a global event. And you can bring international exhibitors to attract people from all over the world. All you need is to provide the time of your event according to different time zones. 

Also, what it means is that you can establish yourself as a global brand rather than a regional one. And you can access various markets all over the world. 

#4. Best Bang For Your Buck

By switching to a virtual medium, you can host a global event at a fraction of the cost of the physical one. This translates into a much higher ROI (Return On Investment). This is simply not possible with an in-person event. 

To host an international physical event, you need a considerably large budget and a limited audience. And this can result in diminished returns. But if you are looking for a more magnificent result, you should definitely go for a virtual event.

#5. Greater Comfort

One of the most overlooked facts about the virtual event is comfort. Generally, in a physical expo, you have to make your way through the crowd from one booth to another. This can be very inconvenient for many people. Also, it can be very exhausting if the event is of enormous level. You might get tired midway and have to miss many exhibitor booths. But this is not the case with virtual events/expo. Here you can visit booths as many as you want. And that too with the comfort of being at home. You can take several breaks while attending the event for many hours without getting tired.

#6 . Exhibitors’ Booth Customisation

You can attract various brands to participate in your virtual expo by offering features catered to their needs. Some of these features should focus on exhibitors’ booths. You can provide them with several options for tailoring their own booths. You can begin with the DIY Booth option. This feature allows the exhibitor to choose various colours, banners, functionality, icons, symbols, videos, pictures, or even PDF. 

#7. Innovative Engagement Features

In any event, the audience’s experience is everything. And that is why the audience should feel excited about your event. If attendees are not thrilled, then you should try to engage them. For this, you can take the help of the features provided by the hybrid and virtual event platform. These features will vary from platform to platform. So select that platform that offers various unique features. 

Some of the highly recommended features are Gamification, Leaderboard, Social Wall, AR photobooth and many more. These features will keep your audience hyped during the event. And also, this will hold them throughout the event. 

#8. Opportunity To Make New Connections

Since many people attend expos for the sole purpose of meeting new people, this might include potential customers, vendors, contractors and so on. So you should provide tools for Networking. Some of the most effective tools are Virtual Networking Tables, AI Matchmaking, 2-Way Interaction, B2B Meeting Scheduler and so on. These tools will encourage more attendees to reach out to other people. And they will be able to expand their network. 

#9. Analytics And Feedback At Your Disposal

Another area in which virtual events dominate over physical events is access to feedback and analysis. You can track individual attendees’ activity during the event. The event analytics include booths visited, engaging people, areas toured and so on. This will give you an idea about the things that worked/ not worked at your event. While the feedback will tell you about the audience’s preference, experience at your event and expectations. This information will help you in your next event. 

We hope that this article will help you in understanding the trend of the virtual expo. And why you should host one. So, share your thoughts on the virtual expos.

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